Practice Makes Perfect: A Successful Bear Hunt

July 21, 2020

If you want to be successful in hunting an animal you never hunted before, a qualified guide is a good place to start...

A few months ago my wife fielded a call from a young lady from Michigan who inquired about hunting bear with Mountain View Drifter Lodge & Outfitters. She asked a lot of questions, most of which my wife who works closely with me could answer. She also wanted a call back from me for guide specific questions. We had a very pleasant conversation where I talked about the hunt we provide and asked her a few questions as well. She indicated she and her hunting partner both were interested in hunting black bear with archery equipment. I described the stands I use, typical shot distance and spoke a bit about black bears. Alissa decided to book her hunt with us for the first week of the 2015 bear season.

Alissa and her friend drove through the night from Michigan and arrived in Millinocket, Maine around 11 a.m. on Sunday. After lunch we went over bear behavior, shot placement, and everything a new bear hunter needs to know to possibly have a chance of filling their bear tag.  Next, we moved onto proficiency with their hunting weapon. Alissa was able to group her arrows pretty well into my 3-D target, even after riding all night from Michigan. She shot well from ground level and from the elevated stand that mimics a hunting situation. 

The following day found Alissa shooting at the 3-D target prior to the hunt. It was obvious she is a very dedicated archer. After lunch everyone donned their hunting apparel and gathered their gear as we headed off to the Maine woods in search of black bear... 

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You can follow Alissa on her other hunts on Instagram @archerhuntress  

You can also contact Realtree United Country Land Pro, Rick Theriault to further discuss Main bear hunts or to find the hunting property you've been searching for.