Benefits of Hunting from the Ground

December 20, 2021
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Although hunting from a tree stands or a box blind are both still very effective, try hunting from the ground and enjoy a new challenge.

Just like most deer hunters, I have either hunted in a box blind or in a tree stand. Over the past several years, I have started to hunt on the ground and, in the process, have found another great way to enjoy my time in the woods. Although hunting from a tree stands or a box blind are both still very effective, I encourage you to try hunting from the ground and enjoy a new challenge.

Perks of Ground Hunting.

When you’re hunting in a box stand, you can bring your heater and be quite comfortable given the extra space. In a tree stand, you feel like you don’t have to be as still as possible since you’re up above the deer.

When I am talking about hunting on the ground, I am not talking about necessarily hunting in a ground blind, although that is an option. What I have done in the past few years is literally hunting on the ground. You’d be surprised about the number of deer that have come close enough for me to shoot.

One of the things I love about ground hunting is that you have the ability to be mobile, so you don’t have to sit in the same tree stand. It’s also easy on the pocketbook. Get yourself a good hunting chair and a bipod or tripod for your rifle rest and you’re ready to go.

Location and Visibility are Key.

When I am searching for the best place to sit, I look for a groove or dip in the land or find the bottom of a creek. I love creek bottoms as they give me a great deal of cover, making me hardly visible. If you don’t have a creek, try to find the lowest point around or find brush or trees to hide yourself in.

One of the big things that I have learned is to be almost motionless, and I don’t know about you, but that’s hard for me. However, I have learned that if you’re as still as possible and you’re camouflaged properly, you will be amazed at how close the deer will get to you.

I was hunting last weekend in a creek bottom and saw a very large buck about a hundred yards away. I waited to see how close he would come to me and it ended up only about 30 yards away. So, it gave me an easy shot. I was also was amazed at the number of other deer that got that close.

I know that this probably isn’t for everyone, but if you like a challenge and are willing to be patient and try something new, I think you will really enjoy ground hunting. It has given me a different perspective and has certainly made me a better hunter. Just one more way to hunt game and I hope you love it as much as I do.

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