Realtree United Country Land Pros®

Realtree United Country Land Pros don’t just help you buy or sell hunting property and hunting land across America, they are a national network of hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and land management specialists who live the hunting lifestyle. No team can better understand your needs because not only are they real estate professionals, they spend their free time in deer and duck blinds, turkey hunting and chasing big game, at the lake and in the field. Let our Realtree United Country Land Pros help you turn your passion into a property.

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Mike Cashman Realtor/Land Specialist

Trevor Hawkins Agent

Evan Lawler Realtor

Evan and Maria Lawler Realtor and Broker Realtor - Land Specialists

Angela Stodden Managing Broker/Owner


Michael Dorriety Qualifying Broker/Owner

Luke Dorriety Agent

Mark Hampton Broker/Auctioneer GPPA/Realtree Land Pro

David Miller Owner/Associate Broker

Justin Roberts Agent

Russ Wilkerson Owner/Land Pro Specialist


Josh Barkhimer Forester / Appraiser / Executive Broker

John Carr Broker/Owner

Michelle Ciaccio Sales Agent

Cody Cooper Owner/Principal Broker

James Dillard Owner/Principal Broker

Angie Gallaher Broker / Owner

Ray Galloway Broker/Owner

Vixen James Principal Broker

Kelly Johnson Principal Broker

Scott Leal Sales Agent

John David Neeley Principal Broker / Forester / President

Ricky O'Neill Forester & Wildlife Biologist

Garrett Philpot Agent

Andrew Quinn Broker Owner/Registered Forester

Matt Rateliff Owner / Agent

Jim Sellers Principal Broker/Owner

David Sharp Executive Broker/Agent

Tracy Stephens Owner/Broker

Caleb Taylor Owner/Principal Broker

Jade Wells Sales Associate


Richard Frank Designated Broker

Terri Leahy-Kline Broker/Owner

Doreen Letson Owner / Broker


Rich Cloutman Broker - Ca Bre# 01307380

Rich Johnson Broker Principal, CA BRE 01427557

Tim Kruse Owner/Broker Serving 15+ NorCal Counties - BRE#01916932

Curtis Stocking Broker Assoc. Serving 10+ NorCal Counties - BRE#001722363

Jackie Stocking Serving Yolo and Surrounding Counties - BRE#01984208

Bryant Stocking Serving Yolo and Surrounding Counties - BRE#01511922

Chad Stocking Serving Yolo and Surrounding Counties - BRE#01816023


Mike Allen Broker Associate

Teddy Berger Owner/Broker Associate

Linda Daniels Associate Broker

Glenn Gaasche Broker Associate

Robert Gash Broker/Owner/Auctioneer

Lou Gassner Broker / Owner

Michael Krieg Broker Associate

McCade McDonald Broker Associate

Mike Orist Co-Owner/Managing Broker

Matthew Orist Auctioneer/Broker Associate

Julie Piland Broker Associate

R. Omar Richardson Broker/Owner/CEO

Nate Richardson Broker/Owner

Jackie Shepherd-Pettis Owner/Managing Broker

Bill Stanley Broker / Owner

Sue Stevens Broker Manager

Tod Tobiasson Broker Associate


Ron Carver Realtor

Sara E Catlett Broker Owner

Kristi Crane Realtor

Brad Dicks Broker / Owner

Susanna Dicks Realtor

Mac Martin ALC, GRI, Broker/Owner

Devon Mumford Realtor

Samantha Prueter Broker Owner

Brad Smith Broker


Michael Cox Broker

Jane Neighbors Broker/Owner/Realtor/RealTree Land Pro

Jeff Raines Broker/Owner

Ashley Rose Realtree Land Pro / Realtor


Alan Ammons Broker/Owner- IA, MO

Ryan Ammons Broker Associate

Nate Ammons Realtor®

Bret Barner Owner Broker Auctioneer

Garrett Bitterman Recreational Property Specialist

Josh Brecount Broker/Owner

Tim Brecount Sales Associate, Land Specialist

Joshua Flournoy Realtor ®

Rod Foutch Broker/Auctioneer

Steve Hanson Realtor®

Zack Harless Realtor | Land Pro

Chris Hunter Agent/Realtree Land Pro

Nathan Lee Broker | Owner | Agent

Luke Nissen Iowa Land Specialist

Rhonda Triggs Broker|Owner

Daniel Urban Realtor ®

Larry Webber Sales Associate, Land Specialist


Jim Lemieux Associate Broker

Earl Musick Owner / Broker


Bill Burke Managing Broker/Auctioneer/Owner

Terry Campbell Broker

Brad Graham Owner - Managing Broker - Auctioneer - Business Broker


Cody Coffey Real Estate Broker|realtor®, Realtree LandPro

William Daily Realtree Land Pro, Managing Broker

Abby Lindauer Broker | Realtor, Realtree LandPro


Vanita Blundell Owner - Property Specialist

Mark Buck Broker

Bill Eberhardt Broker/Auctioneer/Land Pro, CAI, CES, AARE

Michael Hansen Realtor®

Nick Holzrichter Auctioneer | Land Pro | Real Estate Agent

Todd Kavouras Agent

Mark Larson Broker / Owner

Curt Marshall Owner / ALC / Auctioneer

Eric Neilson Broker/Owner

Brian Rose Supervising Broker / Realtor® / Auctioneer

Dave Rose Supervising Broker - Auctioneer - Realtree Land Pro

Tobias Stutzman Broker Associate / Land Consultant / Realtree LandPro

Tondo Waldron Broker/Land Pro


Jeff Britt Realtor | Auctioneer

Ryan Brown Agent

Ronnie Elmore REALTOR®

Bonnie Fisher Broker Auctioneer

Chris Gravil Owner/Partner/Broker

Bob Grimsley Owner / Broker In Charge

Ron Kirby Owner/Partner/Principal Broker

Matt Murphy Owner/Agent/Manager

Allen Sewell Agent

Hunter Shearer Principal Auctioneer/Principal Broker/Owner

Robert Snedegar Broker /Realtree Land Pro/ Auctioneer

Glenda Spillman Principal Broker

Ty Stewart Agent/Realtree Landpro

Kathy Tomblin Sales Associate


Lance York Agent

Bradley Young Realtor/Auctioneer


Brad Coleman Sales Associate - Realtor - LandPro

Roger Crawley Sales Associate - Realtor - LandPro

Jay Davidson Owner / Broker

Jake Davidson Agent

Keith Lowery ABR, GRI Managing Broker/Owner/Auctioneer/LandPro

Tanya Lowery BBA, SRS, ABR, GRI Broker/Owner/LandPro


Phil McPhail Broker / Owner - ALC

Richard Theriault Broker

Spencer Wood Sales Agent


Matt Farkas Realtree Land Pro

Diane Ives Owner/Broker

Ryan Johnson Partner / Associate Broker

Lincoln Rohn Agent

Chad Thelen Land Agent/Office Owner

Jessica Ziobron Realtor / Realtree Land Pro


Cary Aasness Owner / Auctioneer

Natalie Jensen Agent/ Owner

Tom Jensen Team Tom & Jamie: Broker/owner

Mike Kangas Realtor | Realtree Land Pro

Tim Possin Broker/Owner

Tammy Tisland Broker/Auctioneer


Darrin Addison Land Agent

Fred Bennett Sales Associate & LandPro Specialist - MO Bethany

Bret Brown Agent/Office Owner

Riley Cain Broker Associate

Bob Carlson Broker Associate, SRS

Jose Cruz Broker / Owner

Lance Cureton Sales Agent

Ron Davis Broker Salesperson

Mike Drury REALTOR® Broker/Owner

Michael Duffy President

Marcus Dunham Owner/Broker-Associate

James Edwards Salesperson

Evan Eikermann Sales Associate

Johnny Fairchild Sales Associate & LandPro Specialist - MO & KS

Brenton Fowler Salesperson

Inez Freeman Pahlmann Broker

Ced Gilworth Broker / Owner

Ian Goodyear Land Agent

Dan Graham Broker/Sales Professional

Janell Grider Broker/Sales

Ellie Griesbauer Salesperson

Kevin Grooms Broker | Owner | Realtor®

Colton Hester Land Agent

Ryan Hubbard Broker/Owner

Mark James Broker

Matt Kirchner Sales Associate

Michael Landwehr REALTOR®

Mackason Lee Sales Professional

Bob McBride Realtor

Dan McChristy Realtor, Sfr, Broker Associate & Auctioneer

Donnie Mcclellan Broker Salesperson

Luke Mitchell Agent | Co-host/Producer of Hunt United

Wanda Murphy Broker-owner

Tony Nelson Broker/Owner, LandPro Specialist - MO, KS & IA

John O'Connor Broker/partner

Dan O'Connor Broker-Sales | Realtree Land Pro

Randy Patterson Realtor, Broker Salesperson

Dylan Piccoli Salesperson

Dana Poe Salesperson

Dennis Prussman Realtor, Salesperson, Professional Auctioneer

Toby Prussman Realtor

Matt Ragan Agent

Derek Ridder Salesperson

Justin Roderman Salesperson

Greg Satter Salesperson

Kevin Sawyer Realtor

Debra Schilling Smith Agent - Serving MO/AR

Tammy Siddens Sales Associate - MO Albany

Marjorie Simpson Rehkow Broker Associate

Kevin Small Broker/REALTOR®

Jason Small REALTOR®

David Smith Salesperson

Laura Smith Agent

Sterling Sublett Sales Associate

Justin Talley Land Pro

Shawn Terrel Broker | Auctioneer

Amanda Tusher Realtor

Ronnie Walk Owner

Babette Wells Broker / Owner

Mathew Wescoat Real Estate Agent

Dale and Renee Williams Land Specialist-Broker/Owner

Tristin Williams Salesperson

Nathan Wilt Land and Water Specialist

Bruce Witt Sales Associate, Realtree Master Land Pro

Travis Wofford Sales

Zack Yancey Agent


Don Bales REALTOR®/ MS Reg. Forester/ Certified Wildlife Biologist

Brent Barron REALTOR®, MS Registered Forester

Kyle Bass REALTOR®

Scott Campbell REALTOR®

Chanel Carter REALTOR

Shane Cook REALTOR®

Bruce Gray Broker/Owner

Stuart Hemphill Associate Broker

BB Hemphill Realtor

David M Hooper LA/AR REALTOR®/Forester/CPL

Keith Kavitz Realtor Land Pro

Scott Lindsey Broker/Co-owner/Forester

Stacy Madison REALTOR®/Forester

Vickie Martin Realtor®

Robin McDaniel Broker/owner

Cole Pierce Associate Broker/Land Specialist

Slade Priest #HuntingLandMan

Michael Roberson REALTOR®

Kris Xifos Land Pro / Realtor


Carly Bishop Managing Broker/Co-Owner

Ben Cannon Broker / Owner

Champ Edmunds Broker/Owner

Theresa Lunn Supervising Broker

Paul Mainolfi REALTOR®

Shawna Norry Broker Owner

Marlee Satterwhite REALTOR®

Mary Shanks REALTOR®

Cory Shoemaker REALTOR®

Emily Singbeil REALTOR®

Jennifer Van Swearingen Supervising Broker, REALTOR®, RRS

Diane Westrum Broker/Owner

Linda Wilson REALTOR®


Mike Allen Broker/Owner

Nick Allen REALTOR

Syblena Childers Broker Associate/ Veteran/ REALTREE Land Pro

Ricky Clayton Broker

Picott Harrington Broker

Kevin McLemore Broker

Dan McLemore Owner/Realtor®/Auctioneer

David OBrien Owner Broker

Matthew Peachey Broker in Charge | Owner

Chris Respess Owner/BIC

Thad Roberts Broker

Sharon Roseman Broker/ Owner/ Auctioneer/ REALTREE Land Pro

Nathan Roseman Broker Associate/ Commercial & Residential/ REALTREE LandPro

Trey Swicegood Broker | Agent