23.7 Acres


Hunting Land and Properties for Sale near Bean Station, Tennessee

Tract 5 Brair Hollow Road, Bean Station, Tennessee 37708
Joseph (Joey) Haun

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Joseph (Joey) Haun
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Once upon a time, a hidden gem of nature's bounty existed in the beautiful East Tennessee area, nestled within the charming community of Bean Station. With its rolling hills and scenic landscapes, Grainger County held a 23-acre parcel of land that seemed like a canvas waiting to be painted with dreams and possibilities.

The land front touched not just one but two paved roads, making access to the property a breeze. It boasted 23 acres of untouched woodland, a sanctuary for wildlife, and a playground for those who sought refuge from bustling city life. This vast expanse of unrestricted land beckoned adventurers, dreamers, and families seeking a place to call home.

The property was generously endowed with modern amenities. Electricity and public water connections brought modern comforts to those who sought solace amidst the wilderness. Not to mention the high-speed internet availability, providing a bridge between nature's tranquility and the digital age's interconnectedness.

As word spread about this idyllic location, people began to envision their dreams unfolding on this pristine canvas. Campers set up temporary homes beneath the canopy of trees, immersing themselves in the sounds of chirping birds and rustling leaves. The land embraced their fleeting presence, offering peace and serenity.

A double wide home was available for those seeking a more permanent residence, providing a cozy abode in the heart of nature. Alternatively, the adventurous souls who desired to design their own house plans had the liberty to bring their unique vision to life. The possibilities were endless, from traditional cabins to modern eco-friendly dwellings.

Amidst the tranquility and scenic beauty, the land offered a haven for recreational enthusiasts. Families found joy in hiking through the lush forests, discovering hidden trails, and basking in the wonder of nature's marvels. Hunters, too, found their piece of paradise, as the property allowed them to practice their skills responsibly and respectfully.

Beyond the boundaries of the woodland, a short distance away, Cherokee Lake glistened under the Tennessee sun, providing yet another avenue for enjoyment. Fishing enthusiasts eagerly cast their lines into the waters, hoping for a tug that would lead to a triumphant catch. The lake's shores became a hub of picnics, laughter, and cherished memories.

The community of Bean Station, with its warm-hearted residents, embraced newcomers and visitors alike, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Neighbors became friends, and friends became family as they shared stories around bonfires and celebrated life's milestones together.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the area was its cheap property taxes. This relief from financial burdens allowed residents to invest more in their dreams, whether expanding their homestead, building new structures, or simply enjoying life to the fullest.

As the years passed, the East Tennessee area, with its charming town of Bean Station, became a place of enchantment. Its unrestricted woodland offered a canvas for dreams to manifest, and  warm community spirit embraced all who ventured into its embrace. It was a place where the modern world and nature coexist harmoniously, where the crickets' lullabies blended with the internet's hum.

And so, the story of this remarkable place continues to unfold as people from all walks of life discover the wonders of the East Tennessee area, turning their dreams into reality amidst the boundless beauty of Grainger County's unrestricted woodland.

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  • Street Address: Tract 5 Brair Hollow Road
  • City: Bean Station
  • State: Tennessee
  • Postal Code: 37708
  • County: Grainger
  • County: United States